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Wrong path in javadoc and sources JARs

Hi Grakn developers,

It seems that grakn-...-javadoc.jar and grakn-...-sources.jar files published on https://repo.grakn.ai/repository/maven/ have wrong directory structure. They are missing the respective top folders. What I mean is that

  • grakn-client-1.8.1-... files don’t contain the grakn/client/ folder
  • grakn-common-0.2.2-... files don’t contain the grakn/common/ folder

This package mismatch makes it impossible to see methods’ javadocs and source code in some IDEs (notably eclipse)

Thank you @milendyankov. This sounds quite likely. Would you mind submitting it as an issue in the repository: https://github.com/graknlabs/client-java

Here it is https://github.com/graknlabs/client-java/issues/169

Thank you! It may take a while for us to get to this one :slight_smile: