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Workbase could not visualize all the concepts

Dear friends,
I am wondering if I can see the visualization of all my concepts once I open the Workbase? Old version of Workbase did offer this feature by offering an “eye” button on the top left corner, but the latest version not. If I want to visualize all the entity concepts, attribute concepts, and relation concepts, I need to explicitly write multiple typeDB sql, it is trivial, error-prone, and torturing.

Best regards.

Hi there!

Unfortunately we had to remove a couple of features in the upgrade to TypeDB 2.0 as they were buggy and not working well.

We are planning to do a full rewrite of Workbase in the near future which would address these issues properly and hopefully deliver a much more user-friendly interface.

In the meantime please do work around the missing features by use of schema queries in the Visualiser.

Thank you, Alex.
Looking forward to the brand-new Visualiser.
In the meantime, I will try my best to play with the current one.

Hey, guys, I found this simple solution to see the whole schema in the current Visualizer.
match $x sub thing; The original doc is here: Schema | GRAKN.AI