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Windows compilation / Devenv

Hi Grakn team,

1.5.0 is now released so is time to try to setup a devenv :slight_smile:
I’m a windows user (yes, it’s still exists :slight_smile:) and i install bazel and try to compile.
And for now i have an error at the end of the compilation.

$ bazel build //:assemble-windows-zip --verbose_failures
INFO: Analysed target //:assemble-windows-zip (0 packages loaded, 0 targets configured).
INFO: Found 1 target...
ERROR: C:/users/julien/documents/projects/grakn/BUILD:74:1: Converting assemble-windows-zip__do_not_reference__targz.tar.gz to grakn-core-all-windows.zip failed (Exit 1): tgz2zip.exe failed: error executing command
  cd C:/users/julien/_bazel_julien/vuctnrlm/execroot/graknlabs_grakn_core
bazel-out/host/bin/external/graknlabs_bazel_distribution/common/tgz2zip.exe bazel-out/x64_windows-fastbuild/bin/assemble-windows-zip__do_not_reference__targz.tar.gz bazel-out/x64_windows-fastbuild/genfiles/grakn-core-all-windows.zip ./grakn-core-all-windows
Execution platform: @bazel_tools//platforms:host_platform
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "\\?\C:\Users\Julien\AppData\Local\Temp\Bazel.runfiles_hd1vp2yz\runfiles\graknlabs_bazel_distribution\common\tgz2zip.py", line 31, in <module>
    for tarinfo in sorted(tgz.getmembers()):
TypeError: '<' not supported between instances of 'TarInfo' and 'TarInfo'
Target //:assemble-windows-zip failed to build
INFO: Elapsed time: 2.078s, Critical Path: 1.27s
INFO: 0 processes.
FAILED: Build did NOT complete successfully

Any idea how to fix that?

And more globally, do you have any documentation to start helping on development somewhere? Any recommendation to have a good devenv running / debugging?


Hi also propose to add a section “Development” in the forum if possible.

Hi @julien

Could you please git pull latest master of graknlabs/grakn (commit 19b687478a017fab053929f6ba0a5bc4a66b5a01 at the moment) and try building once again? I believe it should be fixed there

Hi @max

Yes it works. Thanks

INFO: Build completed successfully, 3 total actions

You may find the [Configuring Grakn] page in docs useful.

In the near future, we’re planning to extend the docs content architecture to include Development Guidelines. When we’ve done so, we would also create a category for it here. For now, I’m going to categorise this topic as Setup.

Waiting for it :slight_smile: