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Visualise my data


I ve been playing around with graph examples provided with the zip package.

As I am trying to learn Graql I can quite easily find what’s in my toy-graph using your graql shell,
but I was wondering if you are also planning to provide some kind of visualiser to get a more
"graphic" feedback on what’s in my graph and how my data are structured.


Hi katso,

our mindmap-dist package comes already with a web-interface.

Note that it’s still in a very basic version, but you can try playing around with it
and maybe give us some feedback if you like:

  • once you start mindmap.sh, you will see a message in the console, like:

Started ServerConnector@7aa5814d{HTTP/1.1,[http/1.1]}{}

(we are working to improve this message, in fact in the new release it will be something more similar to
Mindmaps Engine is ready. Listening on [])

  • once Mindmaps Engine is ready you can open your browser and connect to the address printed on the console
  • select the Graql Visualiser tab and you will have available graql shell
  • try to input a “match” query e.g. match $x isa concept-type and you will see the resulting nodes and relations displayed inside the graql visualiser on the same page