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Visual scheme creator

Hello All

I am working on Grakn 2.0.2 and I would like to know if there is a tool to create the scheme visually instead of writing a .gql file


Hi there - at this point in time we do no have such a tool (schema designer in workbase was disabled because of compatibility and stability issues in 2.0.0). However, writing a schema by hand is extremely valuable and it’s quite easy to draw your schema out on paper and translate it to TypeQL/Graql after.
Sorry about that!

Sorry for Jumping into the conversation, but I am new to Grakn, even more confused now between Grakn/Vaticle and Grakn/TypeDB but I am trying to use all the tutorials out there who all have the Workbase with functionalities to create schema in the Visual tools. When do you expect to release a fully functional version or how do I access a version prior to 2.0.0? Thanks

Hi @cskgedu - as Josh mentioned Workbase does not have a schema editor. You can query: match $x sub thing; limit 1000; and it will return your schema in workbase.

To allay any confusion, our company name has changed from Grakn Labs to Vaticle, and Grakn (database) and Graql (query language) are now TypeDB and TypeQL.

The latest release, is still called Grakn, and a Graql file (.gql) is still (until we make the first release under the new name TypeDB) what should be used for loading schema and data - unless using another method of inserting data.

Jump on our discord server too and you’ll have plenty of support from the community as you get going.