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Use Chinese Character as the entity/attribute/relation name?

In schema, my I define chinese character as entity/attribute/relation as below?


个人 sub entity,
    has 名字,
    plays r_个人;

企业 sub entity,
    has 名字,
    plays r_企业;

个人_R_企业 sub relation,
    relates r_个人,
    relates r_企业;

名字 sub attribute,
    value string;

btw, the code example is under grakn1.8.4

It seems OK to do as shown up.

Hi @yiouyou , I believe that Chinese characters are allowed as type labels, yes - the allowed characters in type labels are defined in the TypeQL grammar here: typeql/TypeQL.g4 at master · vaticle/typeql · GitHub

Having said that, I don’t believe they are covered by our unit tests, so it may be worth trying and finding out. Please submit a bug report if it doesn’t work!