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Typedb server hangs

I’m a new user, working through the QuickStart process.

I’ve installed the latest java JDK (17). And downloaded typedb. When I start typedb server I get the following result:

However, no key input is accepted at this point. The next QuickStart step is to open the console (.\typedb console) but can’t be done without keyboard input.

If instead, I issue .\typedb console, I get the error message that the server is not running.

For what it’s worth, I’m using a fresh laptop, having just installed Windows 11.

Hi MikeM

What you see is really good. That shows you that the server is up and running. The server runs as a normal program and blocks the terminal where the server runs. That’s normal.
Please open a new terminal and type in .\typedb console
You will see a change to the console where you can perform the next steps.
Feel free to ask if you stuck somewhere.

HTH Frank

Two terminals! Thanks much. It’s curious that the QuickStart instructions wouldn’t note to open a 2nd terminal.

The console now opens fine in the second terminal. I’ve created the social_network database. However, I’m having problems with (maybe) syntax.

Here’s the next step:
transaction social_network schema write
That seems to enter fine. But, within that transaction are these two lines:
social_network::schema::write> source path-to-the-social-
social_network::schema::write> commit

I cannot get the schema.tql file to be recognized.

I’m assuming that “path-to-the-social-network” should be replaced by the actual path, which is: C:\Users\mikei\OneDrive\Desktop\schema.tql

Here’s what I entered (all on one line):

transaction social_network schema write
social_network::schema::write> source

Here’s the error message:

Failed to open file ‘C:UsersmikeiOneDriveDesktopschema.tql’

Note that the error message has removed the slashes from the path.

I don’t understand what’s going on here.

Not sure it’s relevant, but WIndows 11 places the Desktop under OneDrive, which is not the case in prior versions of WIndows.

Hi @MikeM , welcome!

I’ve added a note to the server start docs that says it runs in the foreground.

I think our console actually currently expects linux-style paths… let me check on that, that wouldn’t be very good if it does. IF you flip all the slashes around what happens??

Thanks for adding the server note.
Yes - flipping all the slashes works. The file schema.tql is recognized, “Concepts have been defined”, and “Transaction changes are committed”.
I guess you have mostly Linux users - perhaps another note is in order?
As for me, I’m a retired engineer with the opportunity to create a knowledge graph focusing on cognition and consciousness. I think your platform is outstanding - I’m delighted to be able to use it.

Ah to clarify - if you want to use windows style paths you’ll have to use double backslash \\ because a single backslash is an escape character! It’s actually in the docs here: https://github.com/vaticle/docs/blob/master/02-console/01-console.md#transaction-querying-commands

But i’ll add it to the quickstart as a note too!

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