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Twitter / tweets dataset converted to Grakn / Graql

I’m looking for examples of tweet timelines or any user specific twitter dataset being converted into a graph using Grakn - could you please point me to an example or two.

The most interesting bit will be using the Graql data language to query the knowledge base and also to use the reasoning aspect of it.

If there are other examples I would love to see them too.


Hi @neomatrix369, sorry for the late reply.

No, we don’t have any example which shows using the query language and reasoning over Twitter data unfortunately.

However, I would invite you to look at our Graql and Client API documentation to understand more. You should also look at our examples repository which contains interesting use-cases.

Thanks for your reply. sorry I didn’t reply earlier - I got occupied, but i will try to find something for us to work on.

Good suggestion to start converting existing Twitter datasets into grakn format. I will come back here if I need any help or have questions to answer.