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String index out of range 4818

I am using python and try to do like ‘text-mined’ blog.
When I try to migrate a article(string) using python client.
It have the problem like

“String index out of range: 4814. Please check server logs for the stack here”.

But when I use other article, there is no such problem.
What’s the meaning of this problem and how can I fix that?

Thanks a lot for your help

After I did some test, I found that, if the sentence contain double quote for example

Hello, “world”.

Same problem will happen. Seems it can not deal with this problem. So I delete the quotes in all sentences.
However, is there any other method I can use to keep those quotes?

Thanks a lot

Hi @Alexanderals

You’d need to escape the double quotes within the string you’re trying to insert.

So the string to insert would be `Hello, “world”.