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Show name instead of IID

I would like to seek help on how to show the entity name or type instead of iid.


$sdo isa domain_object, has type of "attack-pattern", has name of "Spearphishing Link;

As a result after writing to the data base, domain_object entity generated iid 0x966e80017fffffffffffffff. My goal is to show the name(“Spearphishing Link”) or its type (“attack-pattern”) instead of showing the iid because it is not human readable.

Hi - this is a known issue and hopefully should be addressed in the near to medium term future!

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Maybe you should write the query like this:

match $x isa domain_object, has name $name;
get $name;

There’s one point that “type” is a reserved keyword, cannot be a attribute name.

Thank you patrickyo. I have tried that already but that query will only return the specific attribute instead of the entity.