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Show 'labels' on Visualizer

I’m using Visualiser but it is showing just the id for each entity. Images in documentation page about Visualizer shows the values of resources. Is it possible to show some (or one) chosen resource instead of id? I know it is possible to click on entity to see the values, but it is hard to find ‘which’ entity I want…Am I missing something? :slight_smile:

Hi @elymatos,

yes it is possible indeed.
Just click and hold on a node, and you will see a little panel appearing in the bottom-right corner of the dashboard.
In that panel you will be able to choose one or more resources to use as a label on the selected node type (you can also set a colour for the node type). We will make sure to document it better, thanks for asking.



Hi @marco
Thanks a lot! It is very very useful.