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Schema for a semantic Dictionary?

Nearly all words consist of syllables. Syllables create words and sometimes words create compound words i.e. Given that we know all the syllables and either we provide them in our query or just ask the meaning of a word then how would we structure the schema and the query. i.e.

Example 1:

The word is automobile
consists of the words auto and mobile
auto means “by itself”
mobile means “moves”
auto consists of syllables “au” and “to”
mobile consists of syllables “mo”, “bi”, “le”
The word automobile is synonymous with the word car.
The word automobile in Greek translates as “αυτοκινητο”

Example 2

The word is asynchronous
consists of syllables “a”, “syn”, “chro”, “nous”
“a” means negative but is also a letter
“syn” means together
The syllables “chro” and “nous” combine to make the word “chronos” which means time

So how do we ask what a car is so the answer would be “something that moves by itself” and inversely, how do we ask “how would something that moves by itself be called?” so that the answer is automobile or car?

How do we ask what asynchronous means so the answer would be “something that is not together with time” and inversely, how do we ask “how something that that is not together with time be called” so that the answer would be asynchronous.
In addition, if we like the opposite of the word how do we define it in the schema so that all it has to do to give us the answer is to remove the letter “a” from the start of the word.

What is the schema for all of this?

I find, in the documentation of TypeDB, roles like the ones below a bit confusing:
from Schema Concepts | Vaticle

relates to
relates by
plays reaction: to
plays reaction: by
relates friendship as subject,