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Resetting the query cache


We’re implementing some benchmarking of our Grakn queries. Is it possible to to reset the grakn/cassandra query cache during runtime, or is a server restart required?



Hi Nathan!
I’ve sent you a message on Slack regarding benchmarking; once I have an answer about the query cache reset I will post it here too.
Look forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

You can disable the Cassandra caching in the cassandra config file (yaml), see here. cassandra.yaml lives under /services/cassandra/cassandra.yaml in the unzipped distribution.

The Grakn cache can be disabled by setting a small timeout in grakn.properties, which is in the conf/ folder in the unzipped distribution. There are a couple caching parameters you can set there (take a look at db-cache-time).

Unfortunately, there isn’t currently a way to disable caching at runtime, but I hope this helps!