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We welcome all types of questions and discussions. To get the most of this platform please consider the following guide lines:

When To Ask a Question

  1. Are you having a problem or think you have found a bug? You have come to the right place!

  2. Want to request a feature? You have come to the right place!

  3. Want to chat with us faster? Try joining us on Slack instead, but you have still come to the right place.

  4. Has your question already been answered? It is possible a solution to your problem already exists here or on StackOverflow. Please check before asking a question.

How To Ask a Good Question

  1. If you want to clarify something simple relating to the query language or the java API please consider posting your question on StackOverflow. It’s usually easier to find answers there so you would be helping the community out by posting these types of questions there.

  2. Try to clearly state your problem in your title. This not only make it easier for us to tell what is wrong, but also helps everyone in the community facing similar issues find your question.

    Bad Titles:

    1. SyntaxException
    2. A Grakn Question
    3. A question about entities

    Good Titles:

    1. Syntax Exception “isa invalid” when executing graql match query
    2. Grakn is not starting on Windows 10 when using Docker
    3. How can I get all the resources linked to an entity?
  3. Format your question so as to make it more readable. The more readable your question the faster you will get a response. Highlight key issues with bold and italic text and put any code inside a code block

  4. State your problem before adding any code. Try to avoid pasting Graql statements and then asking “why this does not work?”. Providing context to your problem will once again help us answer it faster.

  5. Try to provide a minimal example of your problem. If you can reproduce your problem in a small example then we are likely to be able to help you much faster.

  6. If you cannot provide a small example which reproduces your problem then try to provide steps which can reproduce the problem. This also helps us resolve your issues faster.

Happy QA

Once again welcome to the community. We look forward to helping you and having join our growing Grakn group :slight_smile: