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Open source visualisers apart from Workbase

Hey All,

I was wondering if there are any other examples of Grakn DB visualisers apart from Workbase?

Looking for some inspiration/concepts.

Cheers, Rob

It’s not very good but I’ve been working on https://graknmythos.com/ for the past few days. I’ll be releasing the source code by the end of the week. It’ll have a REST API so you can completely replace the UI with something else and it exposes the graph structure via JSON (like so), which will allow you to replace the graph visualization with something else.

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Hey Dude, looks good although.
The reason I ask is that my high level understanding is that the benefit of a common knowledge (Grakn/Graql) assigned to everyones data sets would be possibility the ability to utilise different/many analysis tools on different data sets.

Is there a list of these somewhere, is someone thinking about this, am I having a technical brain fart or am I jumping the gun a little here?

Take a look at opencti.io!

You’re spot on that many different tools can be used to analyse Grakn data of different kinds given the underlying structure. It’s also useful to build custom visualisers specific to a particular domain, so that the users in that domain don’t have to be familiar with Grakn KB structure :slight_smile: