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TypeDB Academy Online | Live and Recorded Training Sessions

First of all, thank you for letting your curiosity drive you this far in your exploration of TypeDB and TypeQL.

We are currently updating our academy sessions to reflect all the updates and improvements to TypeDB. These changes will be rolled out to the community ASAP - hoping to host the first set at the end of September.

Once we roll them out, you’ll be able to find:

  • Upcoming times and dates for each TypeDB Academy session.
  • Descriptions and takeaways.
  • A rough breakdown of who these session are best for, obviously we want anyone that has the inclination to join so don’t let these be hindrances to a decision.

"We’ll see you soon!"

Is there a correct link to any training sessions? None of the links seem to go anywhere but 404 :frowning:

Hi @tswordsmith – we’re in the process of updating all our academy sessions and will bring these back to the community ASAP.

I’ll update the post here to reflect the same.