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New Additions to the Grakn Labs Team

Adam Mitchell
I studied Computer Science at the University of Exeter and have since worked mainly for tech companies in the London area. Most recently Babylon, covering cloud architecture to low-level algorithm performance.

An interesting project I’ve worked on was a high-performance embedded NES emulator. I’m a big fan of declarative and logical programming (and the performance they bring), as well as scalable databases, so Grakn is the most exciting place for me to be! You may also see me playing bass in pubs and clubs around London if you like blues or rock n’ roll.
You can find me on slack @adam"

Vlad Hanzha
Before joining the Grakn Labs Engineering team I was studying in Vinnytskiy Technical Liceym (during that time I participated in lots of math, informatic, physic olympics), later I studied at the Kiev Politechnic Institute.

After uni I worked with the Samsung R&D centre in Kiev - focusing on neural networks, computer vision, and C++. From there I moved around local tech startups working on front and backend development. On the Grakn Labs team I’ll be working primarily on Grabl.
You can find me on slack @vladyslav"

Newest Additions to the Grakn Labs Team

Rui Liu

Hello all!

Before joining Grakn, I’ve been developing desktop and web apps for databases. Before that I studied Computer Science at Imperial College. And before that I learned to program in high school and participated in competitive programming :slight_smile:

My interest in programming increases over time, and I’ve always been eager to learn more! Some topics that I’ve been interested in recently are machine learning, graphics and networking. I found Grakn database a very exciting and promising project to work on due to its high expressive power. Outside work I also enjoy working on personal projects very much.

You can find me on Discord: rui#8757

Alex Walker


I studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Balliol College, Oxford and have gone on to build software for a number of small companies across a variety of industries, before finally arriving at Grakn Labs.

I have worked on Windows apps for data processing, websites, Android apps and Web services for virtual queueing systems, and Web apps for the design, deployment and taking of online surveys. I’ve also built numerous little games in my spare time. My current work on the Core system of Grakn is the most exciting, mathematically and logically intensive challenge yet!

In my spare time I can be found playing the piano, seeking out exotic meals, or simply gaming as I enjoy RPGs, strategy, and more.

You can find me on Discord: alex.walker#7260

We’re welcoming another team member this week!

Please welcome Max Baxter-Allen to the Grakn Labs team and Grakn Community:

Hello all

I read maths at Robinson College, Cambridge. Since then I’ve found a great interest in using AI to change the world for the better. So far I’ve put my efforts into using it for improving education, defence and ad bidding. Today I’m joining Grakn Labs to do something even more exciting: creating a platform that will allow a novel type of AI: one that uses reasoning and inferences. Now is the chance to use dust off my logic books and use my more abstract mathematical training towards a real world challenge!

When I’m not puzzling over code, you might find me taking a long nature walk or a bike ride. On rainier days I’m a keen reader of history.

You can find my discord handle here: max.baxter-allen#6243

Please give a warm welcome to our two “newest” (3 months late) Grakn Labs team members: @alistair + @nistha

Alistair Crook

Hi there!

I studied Computer Science at the University of Warwick, primarily focusing on ML agents. Out of university, I then proceeded to work on visualising large geo-temporal databases, and now I’ve found myself at Grakn Labs.

With continued interest in machine learning, accessible user interface design, data insights, and just plain old interesting programming problems, Grakn Labs and Grakn seem like a perfect next step. I’m looking forward to the challenges it brings!

Outside of computing, I’m an avid filker - dm me to find out what this means if you’re unfamiliar - and can frequently be found messing with song lyrics, singing, playing violin, or on the less noisy end of the spectrum, both playing and crafting board and/or card games.

I can be found on discord as alistair#8116


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I’m so excited to be a part of the Grakn Labs team! I’m joining this fantastic family as Operations Manager.

In previous organisations that I’ve been involved with, my remit was to always find ways to improve efficiency, reach new audiences, and engage key stakeholders. So for this role, I’ll be combining my knowledge of internal management and strategic planning, as well as a strong desire to help grow the Grakn Labs network.

My primary focus will be on being a facilitator. So, in general that means helping provide solutions to any current and potential logistical or technical issues preventing our clients and engineers from being able to achieve their goals. In addition to supporting the core business roles spanning Human Resources, Finance and office infrastructure.

If anyone from the community wants to reach out to chat, has any suggestions or queries then please feel free to message me! I’m passionate about emerging tech, but my hobbies extend to scuba diving, kickboxing, CrossFit training and yoga. I also enjoy baking the odd cake or two, so let me know if you have any interesting cake recipes.

You can find me on Discord: nistha#1730

Wejdan Ismail

Hello everyone!

I’ve recently joined Vaticle as Operations Director, where I work closely with our COO to keep the business running smoothly.

I’ve spent the last decade founding and running several small restaurants across the Middle East, so I’m very well versed in the excitement and challenges that come with working for a start-up. I’m slowly dipping my feet into web development by taking courses on Udemy, and look forward to learning more about the industry.

I’ve also worked in banking, publishing, and studied Geography & Economics at LSE. In my spare time, you can usually find me singing, playing volleyball, tennis or piano, and am an avid fan of the NYT Crossword.

You can find me on Discord: wejdan#8894