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Materialisation in the visualiser

I noticed there is a setting for “Materialisation” in the visualiser’s config screen in v0.7.0. What does it do?

@marco what does it do?

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Hi Andrew,

the Materialisation setting comes with the “Materialise All” button,
when clicking on that button you will have the reasoner finding all possible inferences and materialising them (persist them) into the graph.


Note that this is a demo feature. @kasper have not:

  1. Parallelised the process to use multithreading
  2. We haven’t implemented the forward-chaining rule resolution

In which both are the correct solution to “materialise all” reasoning rules. So please use that button with lots of patience for now. :slight_smile:

A correct solution is a solution capable of providing correct answers based on valid premises. Both the approach and the methodology of the materialise-all behaviour which corresponds to batch reasoning, is a side-effect of our demo work and although it is expected to be complete it is by no means anticipated to scale. So use it with caution :slight_smile:

Ah yes! Sorry @kasper :slight_smile: ! I meant to say that we haven’t implemented “the optimal solution” rather than “the correct solution”, as the current one is correct :wink: