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Local Host Problem

Hi everyone
I downloaded grakn core 1.8.4 and Installed grankn core on my machine. ran the server and started successfully. The port number in the ‘grakn.properties’ file is 48555 (By default). So I opened the web browser and typed ’ http://localhost:48555 ’ to run the localhost. But it is not opening despite the grakn server is running. I have java8 and python3 both are installed, grakn server is opening but localhost creates an issue. Can someone help me with this?

Hi @aneeqbokhari1 Grakn Workbase is not a web based application and so opening in your browser will not work - also Workbase is being updated to 2.0 and until it is updated, it would be recommended to upgrade to Grakn Core 2.0 and work via the Grakn Console.

What is the use case you are working on?