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Listening Ports with Grakn

i’m a new user of Grakn, and i would know why i have 6 listening ports from Grakn when i can only find 3 of them on the config file.
2 ports missing from the config files are persistants : ports 7000 and 7199 and the last changes at every start of the server (value checked on 3 tries).

Hi @Hortiks,

those 2 are cassandra ports used for JMX and internode communication https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2359159/cassandra-port-usage-how-are-the-ports-used#13009394

then you have gRPC port (48555) and other 2 ports (which will soon become just 1) for communication between Grakn and Cassandra

Thanks a lot for the reactivity and the link :slight_smile: