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KGMS Cloudformation setup

a. We subscribed Grakn KGMS at AWS marketplace, and we use Cloudformation to deploy it. But we encounter some problems:
1. /var/log/grakn/grakn.log (Permission denied)

b. We would like to know how to migrate from a single instance to KGMS cluster.

So sorry that we’ve missed this!

  1. After you log in, you need to switch user to grakn:
sudo su - grakn
tail -F /var/log/grakn/grakn.log
  1. We are currently hard at work at improving the storage engine of Grakn Core and KGMS. Therefore, the recommendation for now is to stay with Grakn Core and later on move on to the brand new KGMS that we’re planning to release in a few months. Please speak to enterprise@grakn.ai should you interested to pursue this option.

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