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Jan. 2020 Grakn Academy | w/ dunnhumby in Dehli, India

Quick recap of our week in Dehli, where @james met with the dunnhumby team:

This past week was a great opportunity to visit India and to see how Grakn is being put to use.

We visited dunnhumby’s office in Gurgaon, the tech city just outside Delhi, to give the Grakn Academy to the dh Labs team. Two of the team members had been working with Grakn for some time and were already experienced, whilst the other six members were totally new to knowledge graphs - love getting the chance to introduce the power of our Knowledge Graph :slight_smile: .

The course aims to get beginners up to speed and at the same time ensure that self-taught Grakn engineers thoroughly understand the philosophy and shift in mindset that is needed to maximise Grakn’s usefulness to their projects.

From the dunnhumby team:
“Training was great. Huge success among the team and confirmed that what we want to do is feasible for our project. James was a fantastic trainer.”