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Introduction to TypeDB and TypeQL

Our monthly TypeDB Community check-in

Join Tomás and Daniel from the Vaticle team where we discuss the origins of TypeDB, the impetus for inventing a new query language, TypeQL and why we are so excited about the future of software and intelligent systems.

Each session will start with a community update and then our presentation. At the end, we open up the “floor” [read: zoom mic] and hear from you all about:

  • Questions
  • Ideas
  • Feedback
  • Current projects
  • Anything that you’d like to share with the community

Is there a URL for the webinar? Is it scheduled for Thurs Dec. 24 2020 at 11:30 AM New York time?

I’m so sorry, there is actually no webinar on tomorrow! Please note all other listings for the upcoming webinars in the new year are correct. Look forward to seeing you there!

Hi. I want to join for this “Introduction to Knowledge Graphs with Grakn and Graql” online session. but I can’t register to the event through the given link.

Hi @Sonali - I’m not sure what was wrong with the link, but it has resolved itself. Here it is as well: https://grakn.ai/webinar-intro-to-grakn.

See you on Thursday.