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INTERNAL: HTTP/2 error code: PROTOCOL_ERROR Received Rst Stream

When inserting the data for a particular relationship, the loading starts normally, but at some point an error occurs, the inserts are interrupted and the following message is displayed:

Failed to load file:
INTERNAL: HTTP / 2 error code: PROTOCOL_ERROR Received
Rst Stream

What could I do to fix this and complete the inserts?

Hi jorgeih,

Please could you check your exact client and server versions? Our protocol has changed several times recently and this error message indicates that you have mismatched versions.

You can check the server version with grakn server version, checking your client version will depend on which client you are using.

I had the same issue, running Grakn Core 1.8.1 on Docker while trying to import the sample data from the Quickstart guide. It appears to have imported most (if not all) of the data though.

@marc is it failing on this particular step for you?

./grakn console --keyspace social_network --file path-to-the-social-network/data.gql

I am experiencing the same Error.

It does appear to load in some part of the datafile, but partway in it throws this particular error.
Using the same schema, but a “smaller” datafile does not result in this error. Are you sure it’s due to version mismatch?

Any ideas are welcome!

I am on grakn-core-1.8.0

The version is 1.6.2

My error has been solved. It had nothing to do with the grakn versions. There were simply mistakes in the datafile.

@smh did you find a mistake in our example data? Would be great if you can submit a PR with the fix :smiley:

I am sorry, I think I was not clear enough. I was have the same error as OP, but using my own schema and datafiles. There was a mistake in my own datafile, hence the error. I fixed the syntax errors in my own datafile, thereby also solving the error.

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