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How visualize dataset

I have a dataset (picture), and, I’d like to make an ontology on it.

Kind like, all these except AmiVITAL are connected because they have connectivity of heterogenous iot devices value of 10, but I really am not sure about how to proceed.

Any Ideas?


Unless these have inter-relationships, you can just model these as instances of an entity, say called device and have the columns each be a double-valued attribute the device can own

Made it this way. Is the resulting graph kinda chaotic or does it look like “ok”?

Hi @beaverDamDemo

The visual here is chaotic just in the generation - you can move the things around to put space btw or arrange as you would like.

To assess whether this is the ideal schema for your needs, it is much more important to start inserting data and querying for data. Remember: a nice visual isn’t always the best model.

Also - as you are just starting out, would recommend asking for the database schema within the console:

database schema <db-name>


connectivity_of_heterogenous_iot_devices sub attribute,
    value double;

name sub attribute,
value string;

remote_access_to_iot_devices sub attribute,
    value double;

remote_control_of_iot_devices sub attribute,
    value double;

remote_maintenance_of_iot_devices sub attribute,
    value double;

projekt sub entity,
    owns connectivity_of_heterogenous_iot_devices,
    owns name,
    owns remote_access_to_iot_devices,
    owns remote_control_of_iot_devices,
    owns remote_maintenance_of_iot_devices;