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How to report Grakn bootup issues for Grakn Core 1.4.x and above

While we are working on improving the stability, it would be great if anyone experiencing such issues to create your own topic with the following details:

  1. The Grakn Core version

  2. Your operating system

  3. Whether it is Grakn distribution that you downloaded from http://grakn.ai/download or installed from brew

  4. The content of $GRAKN_HOME/conf/grakn.properties

  5. The current state of Grakn, by running jps if you are on an Oracle JDK. Otherwise, you can execute ps -ef | grep java.

  6. The logs. If they’re quite long, maybe try only posting the last 200 lines of each

  • tail -n 200 $GRAKN_HOME/logs/cassandra.log
  • tail -n 200 $GRAKN_HOME/logs/grakn.log