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How to connect Local Workbase with Grakn Core on Cloud

I have grakn core 1.6.2 on cloud VM and want to visualize the results in Workbase. However, I couldnt run workbase on the cloud VM . Hence I wanted to connect to the grakn core on the cloud via the Workbase. What are the set of steps to follow to make this happen?

What i have seen is Workbase asks for IP and Port info when you start it initially. But im not sure what is the best practice to get this done.

If you’re on say google cloud, you can use the “external IP” of your instance and plug that into Workbase. You will also have to allow the port 48555 to be opened in the firewall rules of your cloud provider :slight_smile: Then you can use the IP and port 48555 to connect workbase to!

Thanks . Will try that out

Tried to put the external IP and port no 48555 in grakn workbase login. nothing happens. The circle rotates for some time then i see the same screen . NO error nothing.Grakn core is 1.6.2 and Workbase is 1.2.7

Im sure External IP and port are properly put

to further help your diagnosis. I have ran command to check if 48555 port is opened.

sudo lsof -i:48555

it returns

java    3243 xxxx  360u  IPv6  23843      0t0  TCP *:48555 (LISTEN)

More details on this thread are provided in workbase section of Discord channel. please have a look. Problem status is still unsolved