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Hide Node when Visualizing Graph

Is there a way to hide some nodes from the graph visualization or somehow avoid some types to be shown ?

For exemple, I have this query:

match $l isa location has city “New York”;
(place:$l, $p);
($p, ability:$s);

The location node is important to the query but I really don’t want it to be shown in the graph because I want to see people vs skills relations and since everybody lives in the same city it becomes central in the visualization.

Hi @fcordova,

there is no option to hide specific type of nodes for now. You can, though, select one or more nodes (ctrl+click on them) and delete them from the visualiser with shift+ right click.

For your specific query - you could try with something like:

match $l isa location has city "New York";
(place:$l, $p);
$r ($p, ability:$s);
select $r;

basically it adds a $r variable to identify the relation that connects people with skills
and at the end it selects just $r so that you should only see what you are really interested in.

Hope that helps,


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