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Helper Scripts in v1.4.2

Hi and a great deal of progress recently resulting in a superb architecture.

Thanks to Haikal for recent comments. Might I apologise for posting to an incorrect enquiry point.

In context, I am resurrecting an application that I built that uses cassandra as a common database for data collection that is analysed by grakn to infer intelligence.

I have upgraded grakn to 1.4.2 and have reinstalled cassandra 21x to reduce conflicts. The data collection application uses gora as an intermediary to cassandra. The grakn cassandra.yaml configuration file has been modified to reflect external directories.

However, I still also have a need to acquire data from non-streaming public datasets that is in a CSV format. In older versions of grakn a number of bash helper scripts were shipped that facilitated data migration into the grakn format and of course, ontology development. These were referenced in earlier tutorials when grakn was first released. I cannot find these for v 1.4.2. Maybe there has been an upgrade in technique that I have missed or maybe the old scripts will work just as well. I’d be grateful for advice or discussion.

Thanks to Haikal for advice on engine starting which had escaped me.

For continuity this enquiry started on github #4621 which is now closed.

Best regards


Hi Chris,

Thank you for your kind words :slight_smile: The team is hard at work and focused on refactoring Grakn Core. It’s very nice of you to have noticed that!

To answer your question, please refer to the migration examples in the documentation for an example of migrating a dataset in CSV format to Grakn using the Python and Node.js Clients. The same example using the Java client will be added to the documentation in the near future, but is now available as a blog post.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thank you @soroush for replying during the weekend…this has helped to progress matters.

I am familiar with both referenced tutorials.

Is it possible that you can now direct me to the bash shell scripts applicable to v1.4.2 or are the old ones still valid?

Very many thanks


For 1.4.2, we actually recommend writing your own migration script following the tutorial which @soroush wrote. We’re in the process of dropping existing migration tools as they were unstable, and we want to focus our effort on the core product.


Thanks to @soroush and @ganesh .

I accept the progression and so I’ll do that and thanks for replying during the weekend.

Best regards


Good luck with the project and don’t hesitate to ask a question if you got one!