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Help Migration data from 1.8.0 to typeDB 2.0

I have application currently running with Grakn 1.8.0 and with huge data. I am in the process of migrating to TypeDB. Based on the documentation provided, I am trying to export data from 1.8.0, however the command
" grakn server export exported_data.grakn" is not working with 1.8.0 version and unable to upgrade to 1.8.1/ 1.8.3(not available through pip3 anymore) to export the data and import to typedb.

As I am unable to find any documentation/queries related to this , could you please suggest on the steps to resolve this issue or point to any other documentation to migrate the data

Appreciate inputs as this is critical step to move with Grakn upgrade.

Hi -

Just wanted to check that before you start using the export that you have confirmed that your schema is compatible with 2.x? That is the prerequisite! You should try to update the syntax of your schema and load it into a 2.x database to confirm that it is still allowed as is.

If the schema is compatible between the versions, then you can do the data export!

so here’s what you’ll have to do:

  1. download a fresh installation of Grakn 1.8.3 (NOT python, that’s just the client)
  2. copy your data directory from your Grakn 1.8.0 installation to the data directory of Grakn 1.8.3 – you should confirm it works by starting the 1.8.3 server and validating you can perform queries.
  3. run the export

then in your 2.x version:

  1. load your (updated) schema with the new 2.x syntax
  2. import the data dump you created

Thanks Joshua for quick response. I have made the necessary changes to the schema ex: ‘has’ with ‘owns’, @key etc in entity, etc and tried loading into 2.x and connected with application and with few query updates the application worked fine .

I will try with steps provided for export and import and update soon

The approach worked Joshua. Thanks for sharing the details

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