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gRPC message exceeds maximum size when Grouping Answers

I am using grakn core 2.0.1 via client Java 2.0.0 and getting an error gRPC message exceeds maximum size 4194304 in case when i am trying to get grouped result (about 10k ConceptMap grouped into ConceptMapGroup ) of GraqlMatch.Group.
for example:
GraqlMatch.Group getQuery = Graql.parseQuery("match $foo(bar:$bar,...,baz:$baz) isa foo, has foo-attr-1 $foo-attr-1,... ,has foo-attr-N $foo-attr-N; $bar isa bar ,has bar-attr-1 $bar-attr-1,... ,has bar-attr-N $bar-attr-N; ...; $baz isa baz ,has baz-attr-1 $baz-attr-1,... ,has baz-attr-N $baz-attr-N; get $foo-attr-1,... , $foo-attr-N, $bar-attr-1 ,... , $bar-attr-N,...,$baz-attr-1,... , $baz-attr-N; group $any-attr;");
Array<ConceptMapGroup> answers = readTransaction.query().match(getQuery).toArray();

It must be noted that when i am getting result of same GraqlMatch query as above, but without grouping, all works fine.
What could be the problem?


this problem is reproducible through the grakn console, so seems like its not about java client.