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Grakn Workbase 1.1.0 (which works with KGMS) has been unleashed!

Dear Grakn Community, Grakn Workbase 1.1.0 has finally been unleashed, and it now works with Grakn KGMS on Google Cloud and Amazon AWS!

As always, thank you so much to everyone in the community for helping us improve Grakn, and in this case, Workbase. And well done to our Grakn Warriors! :slight_smile:

Architecture Refactor and KGMS Authentication

In this release, we redesigned the Workbase architecture and increased the test coverage, which we believe should increase the robustness and reliability of the codebase and the user experience. This refactor also included enabling Grakn Workbase to work with Grakn KGMS in the cloud. Grakn Workbase now starts with a page where the user can choose to connect to either Grakn Core or KGMS, and provide their login details when using KGMS.

We’ve also migrated Workbase to its own repository so that it can have and independent (and faster) development iteration and release cycle. It’s located at at the address below and we’d most definitely love you for hitting STAR on the repo! :slight_smile:

Improvements on the Visualiser: features and bug fixes

  1. We have introduced visualiser tabs! In the visualiser page, you can now create multiple tabs to visualise multiple queries at the same time. The tabs may also be configured to connect to different keyspaces. The tabs will maintain the state of each query and visualisation.
  2. The visualiser can now visualise schema concepts. You just need to write Graql queries to query schema concepts!
  3. We added a footer bar to show additional details, such as the number of entities, attributes and relationships shown in the graph. We will continue to show additional details of the visualisation on this footer bar.
  4. Improved the fluid motion function of the graph. The graph should have a better “groove” to it now :wink:
  5. Added a relationships panel to the right bar, to show details about a relationship concept.
  6. Added a system preferences panel to configure:
    • the connection to Grakn database server
    • to manage keyspaces: view, add and delete keyspaces
  7. We also added a few more keyboard shortcuts for common tasks:
    • cmd + g : clear the graph
    • cmd + = : zoom-in for the whole application window
    • cmd + - : zoom-in for the whole application window
  8. General bug fixes:
    • Fixed backtracking of a regex during query parsing
    • Click-and-holding a node no longer multi-selects the nodes
    • Information in the identity and attributes panel in the right bar are now correctly saved when minimised
    • Rapid answer explanation requests are now handled correctly in the in the transaction connection to Grakn.
    • Answer explanations now properly handle explanations with conjunctions.

Introducing the Schema Designer!

It’s still early days for the schema designer, but we’re excited to share this as a tool that will help everyone model their schema better and easier.

At the moment, the Schema Designer includes the following capabilities:

  1. Define entity types
  2. Define attribute types
  3. Define relationship types
  4. Define rules; but you will still have to write the when and then patterns using Graql
  5. List attribute types that schema concept has
  6. Add attribute types to existing schema concept types
  7. Remove attribute types to existing schema concept types
  8. Delete schema concepts through a context menu
  9. Toggle the visibility of nodes of a given type (Entity, Attribute, Relationship) through a display settings

That’s it! Download Workbase from the release page. We hope you enjoy the new Workbase and connect it to your Grakn KGMS on Google or AWS!

Given that this is just the beginning for Grakn Workbase, we’d really love to hear your feedback on what you like, what don’t like, as well as what you wish it had!

Thank you everyone, and have a great weekend!