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Grakn Mythos (sharable knowledge graphs)


Repository: https://github.com/bfergerson/grakn-mythos

Public Website: https://graknmythos.com


Grakn Mythos (mythos) is a Grakn-powered application for creating and sharing knowledge graphs. Using mythos you can create a place for you and your team to share related graphs (executing queries on shared keyspaces). Alternatively, you can share unrelated graphs (executing queries on temporary keyspaces), like the public website.


I noticed an uptick in requests for creating a browser-accessible workbase and since this is currently not possible (see), I decided to give creating an alternative a go. mythos is not meant to replace Workbase as it is not nearly as powerful or resilient, nor does it offer much of the functionality Workbase currently does. However, it does include features Workbase doesn’t which may be useful to some. It can be accessed via the browser, it can run each session in a new keyspace, it can export data in a JSON format common to many graph libraries, and it can return graphs which show the variables of the nodes/edges which are returned. The last feature I found the most helpful.


mythos was something of a pet project for me to learn more about front-end technology (NPM/Webpack/TypeScript/etc) so I don’t have many long-term plans for it besides fixing bugs, however, if there is interest some features I thought would be cool to add are:

  • auto-query/definition generation via graph selection (I imagine this being pretty useful and likely easy to create)
  • live collaboration (via sharing a link to your current editor/graph)
  • ability to choose visualization from multiple graph representation libraries
  • standalone mode
  • schema design assistance