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Grakn KERs | What are they?

What is a Grakn KER?

KER = Knowledge Engineering Review

These sessions are a chance to review how a team is using Grakn and to discuss the different architectural approaches that the team can take to leapfrog their upcoming hurdles.

How can your team set up a KER with the Grakn Labs team?

When your team is working with Grakn or has started a POC, a support license includes KERs - some clients have them once a week, some once a month.

What’s the value?

  • Get expert input from the Grakn Labs team directly on the best patterns to use to model your domain
  • Work through challenges, hand-in-hand with Grakn Labs Engineers
  • Debug Issues
  • Talk through entire architectures, both existing and helping with the planning of future architectures
  • Explore how to leverage reasoning in your application

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