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Grakn in Philosophy?

Hi Grakn team,

Is anyone aware of attempts to use Grakn or other related frameworks for reasoning and argumentation in philosophy? I see many use cases for using deductive logic in showing the reasoning steps of an argument (rather than just using prose), but have yet to see any examples of this so far.

Any tips welcome!

Hello @gmkun!

This is an interesting application that I’m not aware of having been brought up to us before.
You’re correct: rules can be seen as chainable deductive reasoning steps. There is similar work in logic programming - the most known implementation is probably Prolog or a subset of prolog called Datalog. You might have some luck searching for applications of prolog in philosophy.

If you end up building any philosophy + Grakn applications, nothing makes us happier than seeing cool applications built by our community, so do let us know!

Hi @joshua!

Thanks for the reply!
Too bad that there are no prior attempts so far, as I was hoping to find some people to exchange notes with :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m aware of Prolog and Datalog, but no applications in philosophy could be found so far. So I ended building my own implementation of such a system called deCheem , till I chanced upon GRAKN recently :slight_smile:
I think that GRAKN itself would only form part of what I need, as discussed here. If in the future I decide to switch over to GRAKN as the database backbone of deCheem, I’ll certainly let you know :slight_smile:

Sounds really interesting! It looks like Grakn could really help you simplify your work + visualizing results in workbase should make responses more intuitive. I’ve just seen another answer to your question in the post you linked there, to which I’ll respond separately.

If you do adopt Grakn for your usage we’d also love to work on a blog post to publicize how Grakn helped your work so definitely reach out if that rolls around :slight_smile:

Hi @joshua, sorry for the late reply, been traveling this week.

Uncommitted transactions might indeed be a solution here, and I’ve been looking for a GUI solution to visualise the statements and relationships without me having to build it all by myself. GRAKN might be able to help there.

I’ll look into this and let you know if I do manage to get a prototype running on GRAKN!

On another note, I see that some of your colleagues will be in Amsterdam (which is where I live) on 21st Feb for a Meetup with the local GRAKN community. Unfortunately I will not be in the country on that day, but are there other events coming up around the region? Would also be great if there is a local representative in NL that I could chat up with over a beer some time :slight_smile:

Sorry to leave you hanging - we don’t currently have any representatives in NL! However, it so happens that the meetup is being pushed back till end of March or early April; we are trying to find the right venue. Hopefully you can make it then. Also, if you have leads/tips/venues that might be open to hosting a meetup, we would massively appreciate it if we could get in touch on slack or otherwise :slight_smile: