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Grakn Core1.4.2 has been unleashed!

Dear Grakn Community, Grakn Core 1.4.2 is now available!

(This is a patch release for Grakn Core 1.4.0)

When we released Grakn 1.4.0 with Windows support last week, we broke the distribution for a few Linux distros. :wink: Thanks to some of you in the community, this was uncovered immediately - thank you! We’ve fixed the issues now and Grakn should be back to normal - running on all Linux distributions.

There were other improvements that went into the codebase since the last release, but this patch release focused on the following issues.

  1. Fixes #4381: User experienced an issue connecting to Grakn from some Linux distributions
  2. Fixes #4420: User is unable to add client-java to his/her project due to a missing pom.xml

As usual, you can download it at the Download Centre and GitHub Releases. Enjoy Grakn Core 1.4.2 on OSX, Windows, and Linux! Stay tuned for 1.5 coming out soon with major architectural (and thus, performance) improvements!