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Grakn Core 1.8.0; Graql 1.0.7; and Grakn Workbase 1.3.0 have been unleashed!

Today is a day!

We’re really excited about these releases, the team has been grinding for the last week to get everything ready - :clap: :clap: :clap: give it up to them by checking out what’s new and improved. Hint hint, we think you are going to like it.

The @engineers have released Grakn Core 1.8.0 Graql 1.0.7 and Grakn Workbase 1.3.0 - check out highlights below and full details after the jumps.

Grakn Core 1.8.0

## Highlights:
* New delete syntax
* Server gRPC backpressure
* Remove Implicit Attribute Ownerships
* New Query Options, including batch_size and explain (required to be set to true for explanations to be available)

Find full details on the release:(https://github.com/graknlabs/grakn/releases)
Download via Quickstart: (http://dev.grakn.ai/docs/general/quickstart)

Graql 1.0.7

## Highlights
### Features
* Remove implicit types syntax from grammar
* Remove VIA
* Deletes accept statement_instance instead of variables
### Bug Fixes
* Revert rename to ValueClass from ValueType
### Additional Improvements
* Add .bazelrc
* Upgrade to Bazel 3.0.0

Find full details on the release: (https://github.com/graknlabs/graql/releases)

Grakn Workbase 1.3.0

## Highlights
* Support for Grakn Core 1.8
* Informative error message on incomplete explanations

Find full details on the release: (https://github.com/graknlabs/workbase/releases)