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Grakn CORE 1.6.2 has been unleashed!

Here’s what’s inside:

Bug Fixes:

  • Relabeling and fail fast for invalid concept ID.
    Fix bugs that were flagged from client-python, including tests that were failing during the process of re-labeling a concept type, and a horribly long stack trace when simply providing an invalidly formatted concept ID, which now returns a null concept.

  • Correctly interpret type compatibility and playability when unifying queries.
    By overpruning rules, we hit cases where no answers would be returned when they should be.
    To clarify this, to check rule applicability we perform two tests about unifiability of the query and the rule:

    • INSERT semantics for the then clause of a rule
    • MATCH semantisc for the when clause of the rule.

    Both of these tests need to pass in order for a rule to be resolved. The INSERT semantics check is a correctness test: the then clause of a rule is applicable if the then clause is more or equivalently specific to the comparable part of the input query.

    The MATCH semantics check is a rule pruning optimisation. We check that the when part of the rule doesn’t contradict the original query. If it does (for instance, disjoint types), the rule may be applicable but will never have any results.

    This change explicitly writes these two semantics out and applies them to the when and then portions of a rule separately, as opposed to using the stricter INSERT semantics for both rule clauses, which over-prunes rules.

Code Refactoring:

  • Update resolution state terminology.
    Change some of the resolution state terminology so it makes more sense and is less confusing, additionally it aligns with explanation terminology.

Other Improvements:

  • Update to release dependencies in order to perform a release.
    Updating common , graql , protocol , client-java , and console for release

  • Update Graql and Build Tools.
    We have updated graql and build-tools . It fixes the broken build issue caused by the fact that Maven Central artefacts were no longer accessible as the URLs were all HTTP instead of HTTPS.

  • Disable source code analysis by SonarCloud.
    build-analysis repetitively fails because of a bug in SonarCloud (relevant issue: #5551)

  • Upgrade dependencies.
    Upgrade deps such that CI is green again

  • Upgrade grpc to 1.24.1.
    Update gRPC to a more recent version

Find full details on the release HERE

Download via Installation Guide HERE

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