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Grakn Core 1.2.0 is now available

Get Grakn Core 1.2.0

Download: https://grakn.ai/download
Setup Guide: https://grakn.ai/install


  • Introduced a new, experimental version of the Java Driver based on the gRPC protocol
  • Support auto-completing roles and rules in shell

Graql, Reasoning, Analytics

  • Provide “as” syntax for overriding roles
  • Add new syntax for cluster and centrality query
  • Support direct-isa syntax in the Java API and Graql
  • Changes the match … insert behaviour to project on the match results
  • Improved reasoning explanation


  • Added ‘Getting started on Google Cloud’ documentation
  • Added docs for deleting relationships and attributes
  • Fixed header sizes in ddl.md to match dml.md
  • Fixed incorrect Graql and Java examples in the docs
  • Added git clone and build instructions to README.md
  • Academy: update term to be more consistent
  • Fixed anchor jump on documentation
  • Added EULA
  • Fixed syntax error in one of the examples


  • Fixed an issue with the analytics query when host is set to anything other than ‘localhost’
  • Skip post processing if the system keyspace isn’t yet ready
  • Adjustable storage and log directory
  • Disabled the janus cache
  • Optimise query planner: infer relationship type from schema
  • Fixed a validation bug which can prevent a valid transactions from being committed.
  • Visual tweak: Updated the component name which is shown during bootup, from Grakn to Engine
  • Fixed incorrect error message regarding datatypes
  • Removed the ability of overriding GRAKN_HOME environment variable
  • Fixed an issue in the dashboard to show long results properly on multiple lines