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Grakn Core 1.1.0 is now available

Get Grakn Core 1.1.0

Download: https://grakn.ai/download
Setup Guide: https://grakn.ai/install

Key Features


  • Switched to AGPL License
  • Revamping the architecture of post-processing, resulting in faster processing and shutdown step


  • Introducing a new analytics method, k-core


  • Relationships can no longer be committed without a roleplayer
  • When $x relates $y, infer $y sub role


  • Documentation for the undefine Graql query
  • Grakn Academy no longer requires a VM
  • New documentation for the client library grakn-python and grakn-haskell
  • Updated path query documentation


  • Better error logging in case of fatal error
  • graql prints error directly to stdout rather than to grakn.log
  • Fixed a bug where Redis would stop working when host is set to anything other than localhost
  • Make analytics count return the same result as aggregate count
  • Fixed a bug in answer consumption
  • Fixed some query cache inconsistencies
  • Fixed several REST API bugs
  • Fixed issue with consuming answers to bodies of atomic rules
  • Make behaviour of atomic states consistent w.r.t. type inference