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Grakn console cannot connect to the server

Dear friends,
I started my Grakn server and successfully created a database and inserted some schema into it by Python client API. But when I tried to open the Workspace to query the server, it shows I did not connect to the database. I filled in the right server address(localhost) and the right port(1729). It just does not work.
My Workbase connection setting:
Port: 1729

Hi - what versions of Grakn core and workbase are you running?

Hi, Joshua, the Grakn core is 2.0.0 alpha-9, the Workbase is 2.0.2. Both on Mac.

Yeah those aren’t compatible - Workbase 2.0.2 is only compatbile with Grakn Core 2.0.2.

When you exit the alphas to go to stable Grakn 2.0.x if you have any rules you should either undefine the rules and then move your data, or just do a clean import into the new Grakn. We’ve improved the rule validation and don’t want any bad rules slipping through :slight_smile:

Thank you Joshua. You really helped!