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Grakn and Graql now on Docker Hub! Docker scripts available!

Please let me know if this topic can be cross-posted to other categories if so, I’ll be happy to do that.

I have just finished writing the scripts neede to run Grakn and Graql in a Docker container and you can customise it further if you like. But can also download and run the Docker image from Docker hub, see https://hub.docker.com/r/neomatrix369/grakn.

For scripts See https://github.com/neomatrix369/awesome-ai-ml-dl/blob/master/examples/data/databases/graph/grakn/, the purpose has been explained in small detail in the README. Happy to contribute this back into the Grakn repo.

Further mentions of Grakn and Graql can be found at https://github.com/neomatrix369/awesome-ai-ml-dl/blob/master/data/README.md#databases and https://github.com/neomatrix369/awesome-ai-ml-dl/blob/master/README-details.md#graphs.

Happy to take feedback and improve these further. Please also feel free to create a PR to this repo.

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Updated the scripts to support GraalVM, see http://graalvm.org and https://github.com/neomatrix369/awesome-graal for more on what Graal / GraalVM and Truffle are.

Hey guys I have shared the above link on Reddit, see http://reddit.com/u/neomatrix369, please upvote / share with others in your community.

Also also on Hacker News, see https://hn.algolia.com/?query=Grakn%20and%20Graql%20on%20GraalVM%20(In%20a%20Docker%20Container)&sort=byDate&dateRange=all&type=story&storyText=false&prefix&page=0

Hi @neomatrix369 that is good to see! Very interesting to see Grakn running using GraalVM - have you noticed any substantial differences in performance?

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Startup is slower on GraalVM.
Did not check for rest of runtime performance on GraalVM.


Great question, and thats where I need feedback and help from your team.

So I do this with many products, run them on high performance environments hardware or software and compare their runtime performances - helps me learn about many things and the product in question as well.

I have not published the details but when I was working on it I noticed, Grakn starts up slower on GraalVM JDK as opposed to traditional JDK - this might be expected but I will have to confirm and get back to you.

For runtime performance measurement, do you have any publicly available scripts or steps for Grakn you can share with me, that I can run inside the container and measure.

At the end of the day I can help with improving performance (both startup and runtime) - thats what GraalVM’s purpose is? Runtime performance and also native images - which I haven’t tested for Grakn yet.

Let me know your thoughts.

Do let me know when I can use any of your performance benchmarking work - I’ll try to build one myself but it might not as much depth as from yourself.

Sorry for the delay - I’ve been thinking about this for a little while actually. I can walk you through how to set something up - hope you don’t mind if I reach out to you directly!

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No worries, thanks for the response with the details I will look into it asap.

Hi Joshua,

I had reported the slow startup to the GraalVM dev team and they seem to have fixed most of the it. There is a small lag in the startup. There are ways to circumvent this lag, for now we can live with it, see results https://github.com/neomatrix369/awesome-ai-ml-dl/blob/master/examples/data/databases/graph/grakn/successful-run-console.md of latest run with Grakn 1.5.2 and GraalVM RC15.

I haven’t had the chance to run the full performance suite as well so, let me do all of that in my next attempt. I’ll let you guys know of the outcome and report any issues with the GraalVM team.

I recommend to start building and running a parallel CI/CD pipeline with GraalVM as this one is meant to give performance better than the other JDK counterparts.

Docker image has been uploaded to the same location.