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GRAKN.AI 1.0.0 is now available

Please visit https://grakn.ai/install for setup guide.

Key Features:

Core API

Core java api providing the following functionality:

  • Transactional Java API supporting read, write, and batch transactions.
  • Supports building N-ary relationships.
  • Automatic reification of binary relationships when expanding them.
  • Mutable and extendable schema after loading data.
  • Creation of Graql queries


A high-level declarative query language for Grakn:

  • Data definition language formed of define and undefine queries
  • Data manipulation language formed of get, aggregate, insert and delete queries
  • compute queries supporting graph analytics
  • Real-time, query-based reasoning based on rules with lazy, iterable execution
  • Full support for general recursive queries

Graql Analytics

Built-in distributed OLAP queries, including:

  • Various statistics methods, such as min, max, sum, std, mean and median
  • path query that can find one or all shortest paths between two entities
  • degree query for computing degree, a commonly used centrality measure that is suitable for knowledge base
  • cluster query for identifying connected components in the knowledge base

Grakn Engine

Server providing:

  • REST API for querying and mutating knowledge base
  • Clustering and scaling
  • Bulk loading functionality


Web based knowledge-base visualiser:

  • Ability to query knowledge base
  • Traverse visual representation of query results
  • Visualise detailed information about every concept in the KB
  • Get visual explanation of inferred relationships


Graql based templating language enabling automatic migration from various sources:

  • Automated migration from JSON
  • Automated migration from SQL
  • Automated migration from CSV
  • Automated migration from XML

Change Log Since 0.18

  • Bug fixes to Core API and Graql
  • Improved error messages
  • Performance improvements
  • Docker support temporarily unavailable. We will be addressing this in the next release.