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GRAKN.AI 0.17.0 is now available

Please visit https://grakn.ai/install for setup guide.

New/updated functionalities in this release are:

Setup Changes

  • Grakn Server now started with following command: grakn server start
  • Graql console started with following command: graql console
  • Migration started using following command: graql migrate

Grakn Academy

Introducing Grakn Academy. A full online course which teaches you all the basics of Grakn. From Grakn zero to Grakn hero.


  • Resource renamed to Attribute
  • ResourceType renamed to AttributeType
  • Relation renamed to Relationship
  • RelationType renamed to RelationshipType
  • Types and Schema Concepts are no inserted with define. Data continues to be inserted with insert. For example:
define person sub entity;
insert $s isa person;
  • Rules are now part of the schema. For example defining a rule is now:
define my-rule sub rule when {...} then {...};
  • Match queries now known as get queries must now end with get. For example:
match $x isa person; get; 
match $x has name $xn; ($x, mother: $y); $y has name $yn; get $xn, $yn; 
  • Introduced as syntax for more easily accessing links between entities and attributes. This is to make data provenance easier. For example:
match $x isa person has name "Bob" as $r; get $r; 
  • Optimised queries for getting attributes of entity
  • Optimised queries which involve traversing subs
  • Improved error messages on Graql shell
  • Several reasoning optimisations and bug fixes


  • GraknGraph renamed to GraknTx
  • Optimised insertions
  • Bug fixes when creating keyspaces
  • Changed to OpenJDK 8. Oracle JDK no longer required
  • Core API returns Streams rather than Collections
  • Updated Persistence layer
  • Batched commit log submissions in order to improve performance
  • Faster transaction and session initialisation using cached properties.
  • Remove redundant validation leading to write improvements


  • Analytics now takes into account optimised attribute structures


  • Improved internal queuing system
  • More user notifications during migration processes
  • Fixed memory leak in task queue
  • Fixed several migration failures


  • Several Bug Fixes
  • Changed to Yarn to manage dependencies
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Hooray! One step closer to you know what.

I guess you meant insert instead of inset for the type and schema example.

Thank you for the release!

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