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GRAKN.AI 0.13.0 is now available

Please visit https://grakn.ai/install for setup guide.

New/updated functionalities in this release are:


  • Several Syntax changes
  • Caching rules for faster execution
  • Support added for dates
  • Optimise query planning
  • Optimise rule resolution


  • Several Syntax changes
  • Reduce over caching of concepts
  • Speed up creation of new transactions
  • Improve commit log submission
  • Fixed bug where background grakn sessions remained open

Dashboard Improvements:

  • Several UI bug fixes
  • Fixed linking resources
  • Fix bug where errors were not being displayed correctly


  • Integrate Redis to optimise sharding
  • Fix cluster race conditions and improve locking
  • Optimise post processing
  • Added support for delete and insert Graql queries on REST API