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GRAKN.AI 0.12.1 is now available

The 0.12.1 release is out:


New in this release:


  • New inference explanation facility
  • Vastly improved reasoning performance on large data sets
  • Polished lazy inference
  • Bug fixes in Graql shell
  • Improved query planning
  • Improved Java APIs
  • Language changes: more concise and clean keywords such ‘val’ instead of ‘value’, ‘relates’ instead of ‘has-role’ etc.
  • Ability to concurrent analytics jobs
  • Performance improvements on analytics queries
  • Bug fixes on analytics jobs, e.g. cleanup after abrupt client disconnect etc.


  • Graph API cleanups
  • Proper cleanup of implicit relationships when relata are deleted
  • More fluent API
  • Added support for ‘date’ datatype
  • Introduction of ‘read only’ graphs, allowing better performance for read-only transactions
  • Refactored transaction management to follow more conventional database model of session and transactions with explicitly controlled lifetimes
  • Primary keys with direct indexing, giving a performance boost to match-insert queries
  • Introduced keeping counts on a per type basis for query optimization and super-node sharding (coming up)

Dashboard Improvements

  • New types panel
  • Customer color settings
  • Limit double click results
  • Fine-grained control of dragging of nodes
  • Ability to manually control layout of parts of graph
  • Background tasks admin
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes


  • More streamlined architecture
  • REST API cleanup & refactoring
  • New system-level background tasks for post-processing and duplicate elimination
  • Extensive failover testing to ensure reliable task processing, including checkpoints
  • Ability to stop currently running tasks
  • Simplified/consolidated property files