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Grakn Academy: Graql + Knowledge Modelling Principles

Upcoming Dates:

Time: 1.5hrs

Good for:

  • Engineers, scientists, analysts and strategists
  • Those in a technical field working with or close to complex datasets, models and domains
  • Anyone curious about the power of Grakn’s knowledge base (knowledge graph) for their domain
  • Innovators and builders who want to model knowledge, the world around them, in a way and in a system that allows for logical reasoning and inferred relationships at the database level


We start this training with an exploration into what schema looks like within Grakn, starting with clarifying the motivation for schema, the conceptual schema of Grakn, and its relationship to the Enhanced Entity-Relationship model.
Then we break things down a bit more philosophically. What does it mean to model a knowledge domain - specifically when modelling in Grakn which allows for a much closer representation to true domain.


  • Be able to articulate why schema is so beneficial when using Grakn, why we use one and how it enables a more expressive model.
  • Write a Grakn schema in Graql.
  • Practice modelling one of your own domains and begin to write the model in Graql