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Grakn 1.8.4 engine's reliability and security

I’m using the Grakn 1.8.4 as the knowledge graph engine in my project. What’s the best practice to increase the reliability and security. Any way to do it as below:

  1. cluster
  2. master-slave
  3. data Synchronize
  4. remote backup


These features are supported by the newest incarnation of Grakn KGMS, now known as TypeDB Cluster.

Feature 1, 2, and 3 have been implemented whereas feature 4 is later in the development roadmap.

Though TypeDB Cluster is based on TypeDB 2.x, which does not have compute (which I believe is what you need).

@ganesh Thanks for you info. Which means, there is no such way for Grakn 1.8.4?

It may be worth upgrading to TypeDB 2.x @yiouyou for all the improvements, and then duplicate just the basic structure you need to do shortest path computations in something like redisgraph / networkx if it fits in memory, until we can bring compute back. Note this will probably be some time, it is not in our roadmap right now