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Grakn 0.9 Release: simpler, more expressive, more configurable

Hey, everyone!

We’ve released 0.9 just now, which is the last release of the year! Below are the highlights of our release. Please go to https://grakn.ai/install for the setup guide. :slight_smile:

This release comes with major improvements across the stack.

  1. Meta-ontology layer has been flattened, to merge with the main ontology layer. Making ontology modelling simpler, yet making graql more expressive and reasoning more powerful.
  2. Graql Analytics has a redesigned syntax - designed for consistency with many new analytics features coming in 2017.
  3. Graql Migration language has improved syntax design.
  4. Graql’s reasoning capabilities are more configurable, allowing you to choose when to activate inferencing in graql, and when to materialise the inference results. (by default both are deactivated when you boot up.)
  5. Dashboard visualiser has many usability features and improvements, including the ability to save your favourite queries.
  6. Plenty of code refactoring, code optimisation, and code documentation.
  7. Plenty of bugs stomped.
  8. Various performance improvements

Thanks, everyone! Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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