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Grakn 0.11.0 is now available

You can download it from here: https://github.com/graknlabs/grakn/releases/tag/v0.11.0

Any comments, questions or feedback about the release - please post as queries to this thread, or talk to us over on Slack!

Notable in this release:

Complete revamp of the Visualizer Dashboard
New interactive query builder
Numerous bug fixes, improved documentation, including Javadocs
Many API cleanups and polishing
Major performance optimization through low-level caching in the core API (and more to come!)
Various other optimizations of analytics, querying and loading new data
Implementation of STDV (standard deviation) algorithm in Graql
New more efficient client for bulk loading of data
Lazy inference to avoid computing all rule consequences before returning any results
More stable GRAKN Engine cluster
New integration and performance tests

Hi all,

I’ve ported some code to 0.11 and I’m using the new LoaderClient to batch insert queries.

Using the same source dataset as before (NCBI gene_info), there are some exceptions of type:

"Unexpected error during post processing on Job [jobNum] fix due to [Not all concept were merged. The set of concepts [2] with IDs [xxx,yyy,] matched more than one concept].

Causes? Solutions?

FYI: PostProcessing jobs still run forever and use up almost all the memory and cpu cores. I must stop the server to go back to normality. Is it fixed by the last commits on engine’s code?


Hi @xMAnton,

It appears we still having some issues with post processing. Apologies for the trouble this is causing. If post processing is taking up too much CPU power in grakn-engine.properties you can change:




That should at least free up your resources.

We will try to debug this in the meantime.